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Your teachings are engraved on my mind;I am grateful for your kindness.I appreciate your help.Thank you,teacher!


Although I am not your best student,but you are my best teacher,I wish you everything goes well and have a good mood every day.


Mother let us have life,teacher let life bright;Parents let us feel the warmth,teachers let the warmth continue.Friends,teachers'day,do not forget to bless thank teachers oh!


Teacher,is you give us rich knowledge,call us the truth of life,make us healthy growth.I have grown up,but your grey hair is gradually increased,your whole heart poured on us.How can I not praise you?


Dear teacher,thank you for your careful instruction,thank you for your guidance.Today is teachers'day.May you be happy,healthy,happy and prosperous.Happy teachers'day!


Six years passed quickly.You and I are about to part.Thank you for your teaching for six years.


In fact,you don't have to deliberately think about it.You should speak out your mind,narrate the scene with the teacher in words,and chat with the teacher.There will be many words you want to say,which is more sincere than other people's advice.


Time flies,six years time will soon pass.The memories between you and me will sink into the memories I will never forget.


Hello teachers think of a rain and dew,moisten our hearts;You are like a candle lighting our way.


Teacher,I praise you,praise your love to us,praise your moral high teacher.


Teacher,I have a lot of words want to say to you,I do not know from where to begin,from my sincere one:"thank you,teacher!"



Dear teacher,thank you very much for your teachings over the years.I will keep your teachings in mind and work hard for greater progress!


On teachers'day,I send you a box of happy chalk and wish you happy writing.Send you a happy eraser,wish you erase trouble;I wish the teachers health and safety,happy holidays!


said a day for the teacher life for father,September autumn,full garden guixiang,students laugh,the teacher hard.In the upcoming teachers'day,with all teachers and students bless you lovely:every day happy,we will listen!


touch the sincere heartstrings,remember the growing pains,success on the road will never leave you,dear teachers,I wish you happiness forever!


Dear teachers,thank you for nurturing our hearts with knowledge,thank you for guiding us forward with care,teachers'day has arrived,bless you happy and healthy,family happiness!


Good management talents are not born but cultivated.My growth is inseparable from your concern.


On this special day,I wish you all the best and have a good mood every day.My friend,my teacher,I wish you a happy holiday!


It is like coming from the cold and windy outdoors to the fireside on a snowy winter night.Teacher,your concern,such as this furnace charcoal red,give me infinite warmth.How can I not thank you?


Without your generosity,I would not have gained today.Thank you very much,dear teacher.


Teacher,thank you for illuminating my voyage of life with your own light of life.


teachers hello,you are the children to lay a good foundation,kindergarten is still our hometown,but,your tired figure deeply impressed in my heart,is so beautiful.


I am extremely grateful to you for your painstaking teachings,and will bear them in mind!


your eyes are silent language,I am full of expectations;It is a burning flame that gives me great heat:it will be imprinted in my heart for a long time


Life is an endless road.I walk,walk,and walk.When I am tired and idle,your firm face,firm voice and firm spirit will float in my memory.Teacher,you have taught me life,how can I forget you!


In the future,whether I will be tall and straight trees,or low shrubs,teachers,I will pay tribute to you with the green life!


Today,far away,I fold the yesterday you gave me into the boat of memory,let it float in the lake of my missing.


Clothing is still the same,appearance is still the same.Your familiar board book,familiar voice,our thoughts to the past of the school days.Oh,the teacher


Beautiful ringtone and beautiful flowers are limited by time,only my blessing eternal,forever forever bless you,give me the fountain of wisdom teacher!


The chalk in your hand slowly turns to ashes of love,which bleaches your originally dark hair.On this special day,here is one:dear teacher,you are working hard!